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Deandra is an Orange County native who has been living in SD for 6 years. She is currently serving in the Navy as an Airframe Mechanic on helicopters on North Island. She is the mother of a very active and loving boy named Dorian. When she isn't working she is most likely found around the local beaches. Her and her son love going to the zoo, museums, hiking, and participating in all the 5k's in the area. She's is a hard worker and is always on the go.

Deandra Weeks

Meet Sara our Back Office Extraordinaire. She is fairly new to the San Diego area but so far enjoys the Southern California weather and photographing outdoor activities. She loves to travel and explore different cultures and customs. Originating from Louisiana she believes strongly in supporting and helping build small local businesses.

Create – “To me life is an opportunity to create everyday, I enjoy living life                creatively.”

Imbibe – “There’s nothing more desirable than a methodical beverage made with carefully selected ingredients, mixed to perfection. “

Donate – “Whether it’s your time, money, thoughts, sweet words, actions; we can always find a way to give back.”

Sara Moore
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