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What I remember most about my mother is her heart. 

She died unexpectedly in February 2010, just three years after being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. At the memorial service, I listened in heartbreak and awe as friends, family and perfect strangers offered words of comfort by sharing their favorite things about her; beyond her beautiful face or infectious sense of humor, most people recalled what an impact she had made on them with her kindness and patience. Throughout her life, she was always taking a stand for someone or some noble cause: She volunteered with Vietnam & Gulf War veterans, helped my grandmother raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis and advocated for at-risk children.


I wondered what people would say at my funeral. Would I be the kind of person who just got by, settling for the comfort of mediocrity? Or would I, like my mother, be a woman who elevates the world around her to greatness? I felt a fierce determination to honor her legacy, to make her proud.


What started as Arts 'n Drafts, a pop-up bar for the charitable crowd with an art problem, has now grown into Tradesmen // Creative Proprietors and Charitable Pour House. Our repurposed historic home is a platform socially-minded business makers to grow their brand and stand for their causes, from feeding the hungry to caring for the elderly.


Like mom, we don’t do it for the glory or the paycheck. We aren’t in a high-rise for a reason; we believe in the power of a close-knit community and a down-to-earth work ethic. Whether or not you’re looking for a space, drop us a line or swing by our offices. If you’re a small business with a big heart, we’d love to get to know you!

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