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Don't worry, we are not your grandfather's landlord. We promise to make the paperwork as painless as possible so we can move on to the fun stuff. Like watching you build your brand in your brand-new office. 


To process rental applications we use E-Renter Basic Tenant Screening Background + Credit Check

  1. Fill out and sign occupant section of our rental application.  

  2. Email the signed application. 

  3. Send a PayPal payment for the $29.95 Screening Processing Fee (per applicant).

  4. Once you have paid Screening Processing Fee, your information and consent will be sent to E-Renter.

  5. E-Renter will email you a private E-Renter link.

  6. Go to the E-Renter link to start your screening.

As a part of your screening, E-Renter will arrange an additional payment of $1.99. This fee is required and will be used to reduce identity theft and fraud by verifying that your application and credit card information match.

E-Renter will notify Tradesmen once your screening is processed. Tradesmen does not have access to your private information or your credit report; we only receive a Background + Credit Check Report.


All payments are made via RentShare, our online rent payment tool. Tenants can pay using a checking account, credit or debit card. Tradesmen pays all fees required to use this tool. 

After the lease is signed, you will receive an invitation email from RentShare to create an account to pay the deposit and your rent. 


Please set up your account as soon as you receive the invitation email, since it takes 1-2 business days to transmit the micro-deposits necessary to verify your bank account. 

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